The Munching Route-Book Cafe, Baner, Pune

A new book café in town. The Munching Route offers you some good food while you enjoy reading some of your favorite books here.

This place is located on a 1st floor in Baner bizbay, above Andhra bank and opposite Syngenta.

I was invited here for a food tasting by cafe manager Surhud and I was accompanied by one of my friends.

Recommended Food: Café Latte, Gold Rush, Olive and Pesto Chicken, Mumbai Pizza, 3 cheese pasta, Mocha


Café latte: Strong and energizing. Good amount of caffeine and just the right sweetness. Not too strong, not too sweet. Just the way I like. I really liked this latte served here.


Latin Red: Chilled water melon juice and Apple juice mixed with some freshly cut watermelon chunks. A good mocktail.


Gold Rush: I loved this appetizer. Chopped mushrooms, olives and spices mixed with cheese and then stuffed in button mushrooms, coated and deep fried. Perfectly crispy, right size of mushrooms, cheese oozing out on a bite.


Olive and Pesto Chicken: Chicken marinated in pesto grilled with chopped olives and cheese inside. Chicken was tender and well cooked. Pesto could have been slightly better.


Egg and Chutney Sandwich: Masala egg omelet put between sliced bread lined with chutney and toasted to perfection. Masala omelet and green chutney might sound off the books but did not taste bad. What I loved about this sandwich was the way it was toasted. Perfect amount of butter, rightly crunchy. Served with side portion of French fries.


Spicy Pineapple and Mint salad: Diced pineapple with mint in vinaigrette dressing sprinkled with black pepper, spiced with red chilies and garnished with cherry tomato. If you like your salad spicy, you can definitely give it a try.


Mumbai and Mexican Pizza: As we were almost stuffed, we asked for half-n-half thin crust pizza. Mumbai pizza has inions, mushrooms, paneer and black olives while Mexican Pizza has onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and red beans. Mumbai pizza was slightly bland and Mexican pizza was spicy. I preferred Mumbai pizza over Mexican one.


3 cheese pasta: So cheesy!!! Fusilli with olives bell peppers and sweet corn. Though the pasta could have been al dente, the taste was really good. The quantity of cheese sauce that went into this preparation itself made me happy. You can try this pasta.


Peri Peri Chicken: Chicken breast marinated in peri peri and tossed with dice onions, bell peppers and lots of chopped garlic. Served with garlic bread and buttered rice. Chicken was well cooked and sauce went very well with it.


Mocha: Nice and thick cold coffee with lots of chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Perfectly sweet. Sipping this while reading a book would really be good. I loved this one.


Service: Nothing to complain about. You go to counter, place your order and pay. Choose a table to sit as per your choice and you will be serve your order on a tray in few minutes. Staff is friendly and service is quick.

Ambience: A book café ought to have a big book shelves offering variety of books to choose from. They have books series like Harry Potter, GoT series, Lord of the Rings and books of different well known authors like Dan Brown, John Grisham, Irvin Wallace, Sydney Sheldon, Jeffery Archer to name a few. They also have some comic books for kids and few well know Marathi books as well. I am sure, you can take your own book to read there as well.


Seating also looked comfortable. You can choose to sit by the glass wall on table for two or somewhere near the TV away from bright light. They offer a good environment for you to read a book in peace.


Value for money: Yes, as your primary focus is reading.

Rating: 3.5/5


Fish O Fish, Kothrud, Pune

After this food tasting, I truly regret that I never tried Fish-O-Fish earlier despite staying very close to this place for almost 2 years.

FoodProwl team was invited for tasting here by its owner Ajinky Bagde. Fish-O-Fish, comparatively as small place having around 7-8 tables, is situated next to Sujata Masatani in a lane very near to Karve Putla, Kothrud. As the name suggests, main focus is on seafood. And Oh Boy, what delicious fish they serve here!!!

Recommended Dishes: Bombil Rawa fry, Prawns Rawa fry, Surmai Tawa fry, Chicken Sukka, Prawns Goan Curry, Mutton Kala rassa, Rice Bhakari

Food: As appetizers we have lots of fish fry preparations.

Prawns Rawa fry: Medium sized prawns marinated in spicy masala and deep fried after coating it with rawa (sooji). Tremendously tasty. Prawns were pretty fresh and were nicely crunchy. Though deep fried, oil was drained before serving and thus did not taste oily at all. Even the coating was even and just rightly thick. These went very well with spicy red chutney as well as coconut green chutney. Full marks to this preparation.


Surmai Tawa fry: A succulent slice of surmai marinated with spicy malvani masala and shallow fried on tawa. Very good in taste. The masala was fantastic in taste. This one made a perfect appetizer.


Bombil Rawa fry: Large pieces of bombil coated with masala and sooji and then deep fried. Coating was again even and perfectly thick. Bombil fry is usually bit oily than the other fish rawa fry. But I found this one slightly oilier. May be draining the oil after frying might help. But taste was it was very good.


Bangda fry: We were served tawa fry as well as rawa fry. Whole medium sized bangda marinated and fried. I preferred tawa fry over rawa fried bangda. The flavor of marinade had evenly spread in the fish meat and gave it an amazing taste.


Chicken Sukka: One of the best chicken sukka preparations I have had recently. The best part was the masala. It had lots of onions, garlic, chili and other spices. We could not resist but to order another portion of this just for its masala.


Crab sukka: A whole crab with delicious masala. Again, the taste of masala was bang on. Perfectly spicy. The crab meat was slightly sweetish than usual yet the delicious masala went well with it.


Karwari Fish curry: An authentic karwari preparation. A pleasant orange coloured thin coconut based gravy having the flavours of fish and hint of tamarind. It went very well with steamed rice as well as rice bhakari.


Prawns Goan curry: Best curry of the afternoon. A light yellow colored gravy cooked using coconut, black peppers and turmeric. Not as spicy as karwari curry. This mild curry unexpectedly went very well with steamed rice. I simply loved the combination. This is not to be missed.

Mutton kala rassa: A spicy thin gravy origination from the Khandesh region of Maharashtra. Perfectly cooked mutton in a dark but flavorful gravy made using mainly dry coconut and black peppers. Rice bhakari went very well with it. All of us loved this spicy gravy.


Sukkat chutney: Dried shrimps roasted and then mixed mainly with onions, garlic, chili powder. Very good in taste.


Rice Bhakari: Very few places in Pune serve rice bhakari and many of them struggle to get it right. But this place is a pleasant exception to that. A perfectly roasted bhakari was not very thick and was tender. It was simply melting in mouth. Most of us opted for half bhakari first. But this bhakari made us to ask for one entire bhakari each.


Service: Friendly and efficient staff. Accompaniments were served time to time. All the food was served on the table piping hot. Owner Ajinky Bagade made sure that all of us are getting all the preparations in satisfying quantities.

Value for Money: Yes

Rating: 4.5/5


Cake Mixing Ceremony, DoubleTree by Hilton, Chinchwad, Pune

Cake mixing is always fun. Lot of dry fruits in lot of alcohol. Double Tree by Hilton turned this traditional ceremony into a fun-filled event which included mulled wine, Mocktails, shakes, Canapés, salads, and other tit-bits.

We were invited here to attend the cake mixing event. We were welcomed with a glass of warm and flavorful mulled wine and some appetizers like Chicken liver paste sandwich, cheese and spinach tarts different canapes which had mushrooms, bell peppers, watermelon and papaya, salmon. There were also some delightful cupcake and donuts. I especially loved the salmon canapes, chicken liver paste sandwich and chocolate donuts and cupcake.


While we were savoring the appetizers, show coordinator announced a cake decoration competition. Willing cake decorators were divided in 3 teams and were given lots of ingredients to decorate the cake in 5 minutes. It was a total fun and all 3 teams did very good in limited time.


PC: Chinmayi Bhambure

Then came the main event, cake mixing. This ceremony is basically a Step 1 for Christmas Plum cake. To enhance the flavor dry fruits are soaked in alcohols months in advance which will ultimately to into the Christmas cake. Hotel service personnel brought a huge tray with lots of dry fruits arranged decoratively. People were given a chef cap, an apron and gloves. Hotel GM- Aditya Shamsher Malla handed few whisky bottles to us and we started pouring while other people waited to knead the mixture. GM also threw a coin in the mixture and announced that whoever find it will gate a complimentary stay for a day in Hilton, Mumbai. All of us were very keen to find the coin and that itself did the trick. The mixture was kneaded thoroughly. I t was a total fun time.


PC: Chinmayi Bhambure


I completely enjoyed my time there and was thoroughly impressed with hospitality of Hilton.

Peshwa, Aundh, Pune

Peshwa, located on ITI Road, Aundh, offers you an exceptional Maharashtrian Food. The main focus is on delicacies from Konkan and Western Maharashtra but they also have some specialties from Vidharbh region.

FoodProwl team was invited here for a food tasting. And I must say this was one of the most well executed tasting events we have experienced so far.

Recommended Dishes: Mini mutter Karanji, Prawns Chatpata, Malvani Surmai Curry, Varhadi Shev bhaji, Bharli waangi, Bhajani che wade, Amboli, Chikki Ice cream


Sol kadhi: A traditional drink from Konkan region which actually is a digestif but nowadays is being served as a welcome drink at most of the places. This one had a nice color, a slightly sweetish taste. A refreshing drink.


Kothimbir Wadi: Few places get this right. Peshwa is one of them. Square shaped wadi tawa fried. It was crispy and tasty. Wasn’t oily at all.


Mini mutter Karanji: I am not really a fan of mutter karanji. But this one was spot on. A tit-bit sized karanji having delicious mutter filling properly cooked and right thickness of outer layer. A deep-fried preparation which had a pleasant golden color, garnished with grated coconut. Simply delicious. I absolutely loved this.


Prawns Chatpata: Big size prawns tossed with spicy onion masala. Slightly tangy in flavor. The masala itself was very tasty.


Chicken Malvani Tikka: Boneless chicken pieces marinated in coriander, curry leaves, green chili masala and cooked in tandoor. Chicken was tender and juicy. Taste was fine.


Next up was main course.

Chicken Saoji: A speciality of Nagpur region. Chicken gravy in black, saoji masala. Taste of gravy was fine. But it did not have the saoji spice level. It could have been much much spicier.


Malvani Surmai Curry: Another delicious preparation. Traditional malvani caurry which had coconut base and sour flaour of kokum. Surmai was fresh and well cooked. This curry went very well Amboli and steamed rice.


Varhadi Shev bhaji: Bang on preparation. A thick gravy of onion and tomatoes spiced with ginger, garlic and red chili powder mixed with some nagpuri shev. They also serve some shev on the side so that you can add it as per your taste and mainly to retain the crispiness of the shev while eating.


Bharli Wangi: Eggplants stuffed with spices and cooked in a coconut and crushed peanut gravy with little jaggery added to it. Jwari Bhakri went very well with it.


Masale Bhaat: A traditional rice from Maharashtra with vegetables and spices and garnished with grated coconut. Here they use short grain rice in the preparation. Mumbai, Pune people might find it little bit off the books. But taste wise this rice was good.


Chapati, Bhakari, Amboli, Bhajaniche Wade: Different type of breads were given to go with different gravies. Wade went well with Chicken while amboli went well with Malvani curry. I especially loved bhajaniche wade which were not at all oily and were perfectly crispy. They tasted delicious even on their own.

We had 2 desserts.

Kharvas: Kind of a milk pudding with flavor of cardamom. Unlike most of the places here they use jaggery as a sweetner in kharvas. It was nice and soft and had just the right sweetness.


Chikki Ice cream: Many places have started serving chikki ice-cream. But the one that I tasted here was by far the best. Vanilla ice cream mingles with ground nut chikki which give this dessert a fine crunch and perfect sweetness. This is not to be missed for whatever reason.


Service: As I mentioned earlier, this was by far the best executed food tasting I have attended. Staff was friendly and efficient. We were served course after course and never even once there was a service goof-up. We neither were served many preparations together in our plate nor did we have to wait for the next dish to be served after finishing the previous one. Waiting staff was also recommending which bread would go with which gravy and insisting to have a second serving of the preparations we loved. Breads were served hot every time.

Ambience: Nice comfortable chairs. Spotless cutlery and crockery. Moderately lit dining area. Picture frames and articles that resonate with Maharashtrian theme. Soft instrumental music. All in all a good fine-dine ambience.

Value for Money: Yes

Rating: 4/5

Shahnoor’z, Koregaon Park Annexe, Pune

If you love kebabs this is the place you need to visit. I am completely in love with this place for its food.

Moiz Adtani who previously was working in marketing sector wanted to do something on his own. So, with support of his wife he started as a home chef and gradually advanced to a take-away kiosk to a single table outlet to now a 8-9 table restaurant. Do not expect any fancy décor but you can surely expect lip smacking kebabs. This restaurant is named after Moiz’s mother and those all are her recipes which are served here.

Foodprowl team was invited here for a food tasting. And it was one of the best tastings I have attended. Focus was food and this place gets full marks on it.

Recommended Dishes: All Kebabs, Nizami Shawarma Roll, Mutton Rogan Josh, Kadhai Paneer, Mutton Kapsa Rice, Malai Firni

Food: We were served lots of kebabs one after the other. One mushroom and rest all chicken.

Shahnoorz special Kebab: Chicken breast with minced chicken inside and grilled in tandoor garnished with lots of cream. Indeed, a special kebab. Chicken breast and minced chicken was well cooked and had nice flavor of tandoori masala.



Irani Tandoori Chicken: Chicken marinated in yoghurt, cooked in tandoor to perfection and garnished with lots of grated cheese and roasted cashews, almonds. Unlike regular spicy tandoori chicken, this preparation is slightly sweetish and cheesy. Mild flavor but surprisingly delicious.


Makarana Kebab: Juicy chicken drumsticks, 4 per portion, well-marinated and cooked in tandoor till the bone. Meat was falling off the bone. Again, garnished with lots of cream.


Golden Wings: Chicken wings cooked in tandoor. These had a golden glaze and hence the name. These had a hint of cardamom flavor.


Murg Pahadi Tikka: Chicken kebab marinated in green masala. Little spicy but flavorful. Only green colored kebab among all reds.


Murg Achari Tikka: Tender chicken pieces marinated in slightly sour achari masala, cooked in tandoor sprinkled with pepper and topped with lots and lots of cream. Amazing in taste. Chicken was tender and was melting in mouth.


Tandoori Mushroom: Only veg starter served in this tasting. Small button mushrooms marinated in spicy tandoori masala. Mushrooms were cooked just right. I am not a mushroom kebab fan but this was surely an exception. Outstanding taste.


We were already stuffed with appetizers. But we were just halfway through. There were mains yet to come.

Nizami Shawarma Roll: Grilled chicken in a spicy but creamy sauce put in a soft pita bread. I simply loved this. It had good amount of chicken and just right amount of creamy sauce. Very flavourful.


Chicken Bhuna Roll: Bhuna chicken wrapped in Roomali roti. It was bit spicy. However, I loved Nizami roll over bhuna roll.


Mutton Rogan Josh: Thoroughly cooked mutton in a thin but spicy gravy. I am not sure if they had used ‘ratanjog’ in this preparation but whatever was served to us was delicious. A must try.


Murg Mussallam: Chicken chunks in a thick gravy having minced chicken. Fried egg was used as an underliner. Gravy was thick and mildly spicy.


Chicken Angara: Smoked boneless chicken in a thick, spicy onion based gravy garnished with a dollop of butter. This preparation had a nice smoky flavor.


Kadhai Paneer: Medium spicy. Tender paneer in a thick medium spicy creamy gravy. This is a must try for vegetarians. I liked this preparation.


Assorted Roti Basket: All the gravies were servd with tandoori and roomali rotis, naans, kulchas. All these were laden with butter. I liked the lachcha paratha


Mutton Kapsa Rice: This one deserves a very special mention. We actually had said no to a rice as we were too stuffed and had no appetite for anything else. But Owner insisted serving this rice. I looked a simple rice preparation. But once we tasted this every one of us were damn impressed. Mutton chunks with some masala topped with long grain rice garnished with hearty amount of cashews. This was moderately sweet in taste. But absolutely flavourful. We initially requested to serve us just couple of spoons to taste. But each one of use asked for more and more. This is absolutely must try. Even though you are stuffed with their delicious kebabs, please keep some space for this delicious preparation.


Malai Firnee: This was another star. A nice and thick phirnee set in a kulhad. Delicious phirnee garnished with grated almonds.


Gajar Halwa: This was also good. Good amount per portion.


Service: Very friendly and hospitable staff. Moiz made sure that we are enjoying our food tasting and everything would go well.

Value for Money: Of course, Yes. Very pocket friendly place serving absolutely lip-smacking food.

Rating: 5/5

Paddy’s café, Kothrud, Pune

FoodProwl team was invited for a food tasting at paddy’s Café on a Sunday afternoon. To be honest, I did not expect this place turn out to be so good. This is a very good place located in a quite lane to enjoy your meal peacefully. And if you are lucky, you may also get to watch a game of tennis as this place is located in the premises of Solaris Club, Kothrud and has a clear view of Club’s tennis courts.

Recommended Dishes: Oreo Milkshake, BBQ Chicken sandwich, Grilled chicken sandwich, Veggie burger, Pink sauce pasta, Pancakes.


Oreo milkshake: One of the best Oreo shakes I have ever had in recent times. Finely ground Oreo in thick and perfectly sweetened milk. No lumps, no crumbs blocking the straw. I simply loved this shake right from the first sip. I would highly recommend it.


Corn and Cheese balls: beautiful golden fried cheese and corn balls. Batter was well-seasoned. Plenty of cheese oozing out when bit into. Only problem with this was that the covering was very thick. A thinner layer would have been better.


Basil pesto sandwich: A veg sandwich. Diced veggies with some basil and spinach with lots of pesto sauce in home made fresh and pliable sandwich bread. I am not really a fan of pesto sauce. But rest of my friend loved the taste.


BBQ chicken sandwich: Chicken chunks loaded with BBQ sauce in homemade sandwich bread with an iceberg lettuce leaf. Tender chicken in soft bread was good.


Jerk chicken sandwich: Jerk chicken in in homemade sandwich bread with an iceberg lettuce leaf. Served with French fries and garlic sauce. I found this sandwich bit dry. But the garlic sauce served it was very good.


Grilled chicken sandwich: Tender grilled chicken loaded with mayo. Served with French fried and garlic sauce. I liked this sandwich the most.


Veggie burger: This was a sheer surprise. I never expected a “veg” burger to be so good. First bite and I was thoroughly impressed. Minced veggies combined with mashed potato patty coated and fried. Put in a soft and fresh burger bun with lettuce, slice of cheese and lots of mayo. If you think veg burger cannot be delicious, you should really try this burger. Despite of being a red meat burger lover, I liked this.


Harissa chicken burger: Tender chicken spiced with harissa sauce put between the burger bun. It was spicy and tasty.


Pink sauce pasta: Penne in pink sauce with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and black olives. Pasta was slightly overcooked but the sauce was very creamy and cheesy. Pasta was seasoned well, garnish with sprinkled cheese and parsley.


Arrabbiata pasta: Penne in spicy arrabbiata sauce. This also had veggies and lots of chopped garlic. Had less sauce as compared to pink sauce pasta. Slightly sour taste of this past was good. But I liked pink sauce pasta better.


Creamy chicken pizza: Lots of cheese and chicken chunks seasoned with black peppers on a very thin pizza base with spicy tomato spread. Little less baking could have helped.


BBQ chicken pizza: Chicken chunks in BBQ sauce on a thin crust. The taste was okay but I preferred Creamy chicken pizza.


Fluffy Pancakes: We were already stuffed and in no mood for a dessert. But these pancakes were simply amazing. Stack of 3 hot and fluffy pancakes with whipped cream and honey syrup on side. The taste was out of the world. Pour the syrup as you like and take a bite. Outstanding!!!



Ambience: An open sit-out with a view of tennis courts. Wooden tables with wooden chairs. Tissues, water bottle and cutlery kept on table. Clean area. Quite environment. Ample parking space available just outside the café.


Value for Money: Totally.

Rating: 4/5


The Flour Works, Kondhwa, Pune

Food Prowl team was invited for a food tasting at new branch of The Flour Works opened in Kondhwa near Badhai Sweets, Salunke Vihar road. A spacious outlet with very good food. They offer European, American cuisines and also some outstanding confectioneries.

Recommended Dishes: Vietnamese ice coffee, Peanut butter chocolate smoothie, Hot chocolate, Stir fried chicken with balsamic glaze, Honey sriracha chicken pizza, Pork spare ribs with a citrus chilli jam and creamy mashed potatoes, Curried slow cooked chicken thigh with apple salad and wine sauce, Provencal lamb stew, all desserts.

Food and Beverages:

We started with some beverages- coffees, smoothies.


Vietnamese ice Coffee: Lots of ice cubed in sweetened condensed milk topped with Vietnamese roasted coffee. I loved this coffee. Slightly strong but refreshing. Make sure to stir the mixture well before having a sip. Coffee is too strong.


Vietnamese ice Tea: Same as iced coffee in which coffee was replaced with tea. It looked the same. But I preferred the coffee over tea.


Kiwi Blue berry smoothie: A thick shake served in a tall shake glass garnished with kiwi slices and some blueberries. Quite filling.


Peanut butter chocolate smoothie: A thick and creamy chocolate shake with a hint of peanut butter. I loved the taste.



Vegetable and cheese croquettes: Golden fried croquettes which had lot of cheese. These were served with a cheese dip. Tasted good.


Spinach and goat cheese tartlets: These were looking beautiful but I did not like the combination of spinach and goat cheese. Also, the base of the tartlets was too thick and crumbly.


Stir fried chicken with balsamic glaze: Amazing appetizer. It tasted as good as it looked. Julienned chicken tossed in balsamic vinegar with juliennes of onion and bell peppers. This well-cooked chicken had a subtle taste of balsamic vinegar. Bell peppers and onions were crunchy. A must try.


Boneless buffalo wings: This is the first time I have seen boneless wings. De-boned chicken wings tossed in buffalo sauce. Slightly sweet. Though this one sounded interesting, the tasted wasn’t very impressive.


Main course-

Honey sriracha chicken pizza: A thin pizza base loaded with honey and siracha sauce topped with good amount of cheese and some chicken chunks. Base was perfectly thin and was cooked just right. Sriracha sauce was hot but honey and cheese toned the spice level down. It could have used some more chicken. But overall a very good pizza.



Pork spare ribs with a citrus chilli jam and creamy mashed potatoes: Outstanding. Juicy spare ribs perfectly cooked, put on very creamy potato mash and drizzled with citrus chilli jam. Meat was tender and was melting in mouth. Citrus chilli jam was thin in consistency and went very well with this meat. A must try for pork lovers.


Grilled chicken breast with a spicy caramel glaze and sautéed mushrooms: Very beautifully presented dish. An entire chicken breast grilled and glazed with spicy caramel. Served with sautéed vegetables. Though it looked amazing, I didn’t like the taste much. Maybe I am not used to have a caramel flavor in my chicken. Chicken was slightly tough.


Crispy Pork belly with spiced white wine sauce and braised red cabbage: The outer layer was way too crispy. We couldn’t eat it. But the meat after separating the outer layer was good. Wine sauce was tasty.


Curried slow cooked chicken thigh with apple salad and wine sauce: Good main course. A non-spicy dish. I preferred this one over grilled chicken breasts.


Provencal lamb stew: It was very delicious. Well marinated boneless lamb chucks in a sweet and sour thick gravy with potato chunks. Very flavorful dish. A meal on its own. I simply loved this stew.



We were served Chocolate terrine with whipped cream, Custard quartet, Caramel panna cotta with ginger bread, Dark chocolate mousse with orange caramel filling and creamy orange sauce. I liked Chocolate terrine and Caramel panna cotta the most.

Hot chocolate: One of the best hot chocolates I have ever had. Dark and thick hot chocolate. Neither very sweet nor an overdose of chocolate. This is a must try here. They have rose, orange and spiced variation of hot chocolate along with the classic one.


All in all, a very good experience.

Value for Money: Yes.

Rating: 4/5