Chop Chop- Wok to Go, Aundh, Pune

Chop Chop is located on DP road, Aundh. To be precise, same place where Picantos used to be. This place not only serves some amazing woks but also have some delicious dim-sums and skewers to offer. If you are looking for an option in Aundh area to have a quick bite or even to savor a delicious wok with hardly any lead time, this might be your go to place.

FoodProwl team was invited here for a food tasting.

Recommended Dishes: Chicken Yakitori, Thai Green Curry, Malaysian Kari,Cheese & Jalapeno Spring Roll, Prawns Sui Mai, Cottage Cheese and Spincah Dimsums,



Lemongrass and Pink Lemonade: Refreshing drinks. I preferred lemongrass lemonade. It had a subtle taste of lemongrass and perfect sweetness.


Chicken Yakitori: Outstanding appetizer. Damn delicious. Chicken chunks put on skewers, grilled and basted with sweet and sour, soya based yakitori sauce. It was garnished with white sesame seeds. Simply delicious. Soft chicken drizzled with sauce melted in mouth. Amount of sauce was just right. Even a little bit more sourness would have ruined this dish. You must try this when you visit this place.


Sambal Baby Potato: Baby potatoes spiced up with Sambal sauce and grilled. Potatoes were cooked well and had a nice flavor of sambal. Not a bad option for vegetarians.


Cheese & Jalapeno Spring Roll: Cheese mixed with chopped jalapenos rolled in a refined flour wrapper and deep fried till golden brown. Cheesy roll with just a hint of jalapenos. Looked very nice. Spicy sauce served with it accompanied the rolls very well.


Veggie Spring Roll: Slightly spiced up shredded vegetables rolled in spring roll wrapper and deep fried. It was fine. Nothing to complain. But I preferred cheese & Jalapeno roll over this one.


Vietnamese Loaded Fries: I found them bit oily.


Prawns Sui Mai: Very good. Cover of these dim sums was very thin and delicate, just like authentic dim sums. These open-faced dim sums were steamed well and tasted scrumptious. Accompanying sauce complimented these dim sums well.


Chicken Sui Mai: Another open face dim sum. Similar to Prawns sui mai, made out of minced chicken.


Chicken & Basil Dumpling: Nothing to complain about. Nice and thin wrapper with chicken and basil stuffing. It had just a hint of basil and not overpowering basil flavor.


Cottage Cheese and Spinach Dim sums: Cottage cheese in green colored spinach favoured wrapper. It tasted okay.


Exotic Vegetables Dim sums: Dim sum of the afternoon. Dim sum made of minced veggies in a crystal wrapper. Wrapper was so translucent that the stuffing inside was quite visible. Amazing flavor. The taste was so go that it even made us forget prawns sui mai. It was unanimously declared best dim sum of these 6.


Spiced minced Vegetables Dim sums: Nothing to complain about.


The best thing of all 6 dim sums was their wrapper. Very thin and delicate. Thicker coverings, like momos, usually kill the taste.

Thai Green Curry: Superb. Slightly thin but very flavourful green curry served with chicken, vegetables and rice. 1st bite and every one of us loved the taste. Thankfully basil was used in moderate quantities which helped to high light the smoothness of coconut milk. Must try hot pot.


Malaysian Kari: Another lovely hot pot. Slightly spicier than Thai curry, this hot pot was also delicious. More like Kari Ayam, but with lots of vegetables.


Next up were woks. You get to choose your protein, base (1), greens (4), sauce (1) and condiments (2).


Rice in Beijing Sauce: Rice and vegetables tossed in black pepper sauce. Bit spicey and had a lasting effect on taste buds. I felt that toning down black pepper spice little bit will help this wok even better.


Hakka Noodles in Hongkong sauce: Noodles tossed in Kung Pao- 5 spice sauce. I personally loved this wok the best. Perfect spice level and subtle flavors.


Flat rice noodles in Chiang Mai Sauce: This wok had flat noodles in chili, basil and coriander sauce. If you like basil flavor, you should try this sauce. Also, I would recommend to really try these flat rice noodles as a base for your wok. These are not regular thick flat noodles used in Malaysian tossed noodles. This are quite thin and slightly slimy, but would be a very tempting base.


Service: This is a fast service restaurant. Appetizers are served from kitchen. Woks are made in front of you. You choose your base, protein, veggies and sauce and everything will be prepared in front of you on live counter. Lead time is very less. So, if you are famished, you will not have to wait much once you have placed your order.

Ambiance: As the name suggests, it is Wok to Go restaurant. But they also have tables for you to savor your woks there itself. Cutlery, paper napkins, chopsticks are put on the table already, so that you can start eating right way once your tray arrives at your table. Clean and well-lit area as one entire wall of this restaurant is of glass.


Value for Money: Absolutely. It is not at all heavy on your pockets.

Rating: 4/5.


Awadhi Food Festival, Courtyard by Marriott, Chakan, Pune

Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan is hosting an Awadhi food festival from 12th Feb to 16th Feb. This festival will offer some scrumptious Nawabi food. So, if you are a Nawabi/ Awadhi cuisine fan you do not want to miss this one. It is being held during lunch time at MoMo Café.

Chef Mohd. Yunus Khan who is an Indian Specialty chef and In-Charge of Nawab Saheb- An Indian Specialty Restaurant in Renaissance Mumbai Convention Center Hotel will be a celebrity chef for this food festival. He, along with Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan Executive Chef Sathish Reddy, will be responsible for serving a truly Shahi food to you during this festival. Chef Khan is considered an expert in making authentic traditional delicacies like kebabs, curries, biryani and tandoor items. He likes to innovate Indian gourmet dishes, by interesting amalgamation of ingredients and flavours. And this was quite visible in specially curated delicacies we were served.

I was invited for a food tasting by Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan. And I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch. Right from starters to desserts, everything was fantastic.

Recommended Dishes: Everything we tasted.


Dahi ke Kebabs: Paneer and Curd mingled together, seasoned and formed into small but thick patties which were grilled on tawa. Unlike most places, these kebabs were not crumbed. Just curd and paneer holding nicely together. These kebabs were bit heavy but delicious in taste.


Rajma aki Gilawat: An innovative galouti kebab for vegetarian. Rajma mashed, seasoned and turned into patty which was fried on tawa to give it a crispy texture. It was served on a butter naan. Together it tasted very good. I loved the taste. Might be a treat for vegetarians.


Tandoori Falon ka Nazrana: Diced apple, pineapples, onions and bell peppers tossed together in tangy sauce, seasoned with chaat masala and garnished with white sesame seeds. A colorful dish with tangy falvour.


Murgh Awadhi Tikka: Succulent chicken marinated in rich cream & cashew paste and grilled to perfection. Loved it. Mild flavours and smokey taste. This one is highly recommended.


Galouti Kebabs: Authentic kebabs. Minced meat thoroughly cooked, perfectly flavoured. you will like these.


Jhinga Nisha: King prawns tandoor’d. Outstanding recipe. Prawns had unusual yet appealing pink color which was due to the usage of pomegranate juice as coloring agent. Prawns were fresh, well marinated and tasted heavenly. I could not help but to order another portion of it.


Next up were mains.

Paneer Pista Korma: Super soft paneer in a rich, creamy, thick and smooth green gravy with lot of dry fruits. Paneer was slightly sautéed before putting in gravy. Indeed, a shahi preparation. Butter naan went very well with this.


Dal-e-Awadh: Outstanding dal preparation. Again, being Shahi dal, it was creamy and thick. Slightly sweetish but fantastic taste. Full marks to this dal.


Kaju kumbh kadhai: Hearty portion of cashews with mushrooms in thick and spicy gravy. Nothing to complain about.


Veg Awadhi Pulao: For me, this was the best Awadhi pulao I have had till date. It tasted amazing on its own. No daal, gravy or accompaniment required. A flavourful long grain rice mild but rich flavours with lots of dry fruits like raisins, cashews, etc.. Preparation to die for.


Nihari Gosht: Thin but very flavorful gravy. Mutton was perfectly cooked and was falling off the bone. It had subtle taste of nutmeg.


Murgh Kundan Qaliya: best of all gravies served on that afternoon. Tender boneless chicken chunks in onion based gravy thickened with cashew paste. This medium spicy gravy was simply outstanding. The flavor, texture, aroma- everything was just perfect.


Lukhnowi Gosht Biryani: Entire leg of lamb was put in this shahi biryani. Fragrant long grain rice in ample masala and flavours of cooked lamb meat in rice. Delightful preparation. Taste was also good.


Now we were waiting for desserts.

Mirchi ka Halwa: Halwa made from capsicum. Very unusual and might appear unappetizing for few of us. But trust me, it did not taste bad. Sure, it had taste of capsicum. But as an innovative dessert, this can be given a try.


Moong ka Halwa: Authentic Awadhi dessert with lot of pure ghee and dry fruits. Nothing to complain about at all.


Shahi Tukda: One of the best shahi tukdas I have had. There are many way bread can go wrong in this dessert. And so can rabdi. But in here absolutely nothing went wrong. Bread was fried just right, rabdi was thick just as required, sweetness was perfect. 10/10 to this dessert. Though we were totally full with all that delicious food, we could not help but to order another portion of this dessert.


As I said earlier, if you are an Awadhi cuisine fan, you must try this festival.

Location: MoMo Café, Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan

Dates: 12th to 16th February 2018

Time: Lunch

Price: INR 1300 + taxes

Barometer, Kothrud, Pune

This place has been on my wishlist since it opened. This casual yet chic dining place is located next to Siya veg near City Pride Kothrud and is open from 7 am to 11:30 pm. While their hotel set-up was going on, they had a big flex covering the front wall of this restaurant which read “Rome was not built in a day.” After visiting this place, I now surely know what they meant by putting that flex there. This restaurant is simply fantastic. Totally worth visiting. We visited this place on Republic Day, so we did not taste any alcoholic drinks. But food, for most part of it, was outstanding. I hear the breakfast served here is also delicious.

Recommended Dishes: Smoked Chicken Cream, Hot Chicken Wings, Harre Mirch ka Gosht, Rangoon Noodles Chicken, Tiramisu


Smoked Chicken Cream: A rich and creamy veloute with lots of smoked chicken chunks in it garnished with bread sticks. Amazing taste. It had a nice smoky aroma and taste. Every one of us loved this soup. Must try.


Peanut Jhol: Roasted peanuts, chopped coriander and onions mixed with tomato- tamarind sauce. It was bit sour than required. Toning down tamarind would have worked better for this bar bite.


Loaded Fries: French fries with cheese sauce topped with crispy bacon and sour cream. I loved the cheese sauce. Fries were laden with it. Bacon strips were fried and made extra crispy. Regular bacon strips would have worked even better for us.


Hot Chicken Wings: Batter fried chicken wings tossed in a fiery sauce. Amount of sauce was just right. Wings were fried perfectly and meat was soft. Wings lovers will definitely like this.


Harre Mirch ka Gosht: Super soft chunks of boneless lamb tossed in spicy paste of green chillies, coriander, mint and spices. This is a perfect lamb appetizer for those are tired eating minced lamb kebabs. I am one of them. Meat was thoroughly cooked and wasn’t chewy at all. Loved this fiery appetizer.


Rangoon Noodles Chicken: Noodles simmered in shiitake mushroom sauce with garlic fried onions and lime. No need to order any Chinese/ Oriental gravy with this as these noodles come with sauce. Sweet and sour sauce with lots of chicken chunks and veggies. Super delicious noodles.


Ghee Roast Chicken: Spice and ghee roasted chicken wrapped in dosa and drizzled with fondue served with sautéed veggies. A typical Kerala flavoured chicken.


Dark Chocolate Mousse: Full marks to texture, softness and sweetness. Beautifully presented dessert.


Tiramisu: One of the best Tiramisus I have tasted in months. Do not give this a miss. Your meal won’t be complete unless you have this.


Service: Very good. Quite quick. This place is always crowded but servers do not rush your orders just to have a quicker table turn around.

Value for Money: Absolutely for food. Did not try alcohol, so can’t really comment about it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Barometer Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hop-in, The Neighborhood Bar, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Located on Central Avenue near Food Junction, Kalyani nagar this place is a pleasant surprise. Hop-In was previously located in Viman Nagar and recently shifted in Kalyani Nagar. With new venue that are also planning to add some new things to their food as well as drinks menu.

FoodProwl team was invited for a food tasting here.

Recommended Dishes: Dhokla Pakoda, Hop In Fries, Chicken Banjara Kebab, Fish Fingers, Jalapeno Poppers, Chilli Garlic Paneer, Corn Cheese Potato Dumpling, Upside Down Bowl, Cheese Garlic Olive Pizza

Drinks: We were served some refreshing mocktails.

Pilsner, Island blue, Lycheelada, Man land, Win land, Black sour, Berrier, Trippic, Peninsula.

I loved Trippic the best. A similar mocktail to virgin mojito.


Food: The focus is on bar bite and hence they have many appetizer options to go with your drinks.

Hop In Fries: These are spiced up with peri peri powder. Crunchy and golden fried fries served with tomato ketchup. Perfect bar bite to go with your drinks.


Dhokla Pakoda: Outstanding appetizer. I am no fan of Dhokla. But still loved this preparation. Dhokla with some cheese and green chilli paste batter fried. Crunchy form outside and soft from inside. But totally delicious from all sides.


Chicken Banjara Kebab: Another good appetizer. Succulent chicken pieces, well marinated and cooked in tandoor. Served with mint chutney.


Coastal Fry Chicken: A deep fried crumbed chicken pieces. Batter was seasoned with Kerala spices which was giving it a nice coasted flavor. Slightly spicy. Mayo would go with it just fine.


Black Pepper Prawns: King prawns cooked in tandoor and flavored with black pepper marinade. Prawns could have used little more grilling. And even less marinade on final plate would also have helped.


Chilli Garlic Paneer: Super se uper soft paneer tossed with diced veggies, bell peppers and lot of coarsely chopped garlic. Outstanding thing about this preparation was the softness of paneer. I added so much character to this dish. Sauce was also delicious.


Fish Fingers: Batter fried fish fingers served with tomato ketchup and mayo based sauce. Fingers were well done and tasted good.


Tandoori Lollipop: Chicken lollipops cooked in tandoor after seasoning with Indian spices. Served with Mint chutney. Presented beautifully and tasted fine.


Jalapeno Poppers: My all-time favorite. Chef had get this one right as well. Nice golden-brown color with abundant cheese inside. Another perfect bar bite to order with drinks.


Hop In Egg Surprise: Another batter fried appetizer. Looked same as Jalapeno poppers. But I liked poppers over this surprise.



American Barbeque Pizza: A thin crust pizza with lots of cheese, shredded barbeque chicken and jalapenos. I liked this pizza. Base was moist and rightly thin. This pizza looked the best among 3.


Arabic Spicy Pizza: Seasoned chicken chunks with tomato slices. Another cheesy and tasty pizza with lots of toppings.


Cheese Garlic Olive Pizza: This was veg and clearly a winner among 3 pizzas. Bell peppers, olives, garlic with lots and lots of cheese. Tasted amazing.


Upside Down Bowl: Fried rice topped with chicken and veggie chunks tossed in sweet and sour sauce. An Egg sunny side up was put on top of it. Looked good. Tasted even better. If you already have had share of your drinks and bar bites, this bowl would easily serve 2 people.


Khow suey: Saved with all 8 traditional accompaniments. No complaints. Tasted just fine.


Kheema Pav: Perfectly spicy and thankfully no green peas in it. Worth giving a try.


Ambience: This place has 3 sections. Outside sitting, few tables inside and few upstairs. Decor is nicely done. One of the walls upstairs is decorated with putting marbles on entire wall. Ceiling is decorated with lights put in bicycle wheels. They also have a screening facility for game nights.


Value for Money: Absolutely

Rating: 4/5


Hop In logo/Image in Featured Image is taken from their FB page.

Independence Brewing Company, Mundhwa, Pune

Independence Brewing Company is a well-known place and need no introductions. Famous for its craft beers, this place serves amazing food as well.

FoodProwl team was invited for a food tasting of their new tandoor menu. This menu mostly comprises of appetizers which would go with your drinks. Amazing appetizers. It is totally worth trying those.

Picture Credits:

Thank you, Priyanka Anand for clicking all of these lovely food pics. And Thank you Ritesh Tiwari for allowing me to use them.

Recommended Dishes: Corn Chaat, Lasooni Murgh Tikka, Tangdi kebabs, Murgh Hariyali Tikka, Tandoori Lamb Chops, Barbequed Beef Burger, Asian Inspired Pork Sizzler, Chocolate Souffle, Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate


To start with we were served couple of bar nibbles till the time tandoori appetizers were getting ready.

Corn Chaat: Sweet corn kernels, roasted peanuts were tossed in lime juice, masalas along with onions, tomatoes, chopped coriander and green chillies. Being a peanut lover, I simply loved this dish. Nice and crunchy with just right sour taste. Perfect nibble to go with any of your drinks. Ans trust me, it is addictive. No one can eat just one!!!


Home Fries: Thick cut potatoes, more like thickness of wedges, triple fried & seasoned, served with Harissa dip and jalapeno mayonnaise. Fried were crispy from outside and soft inside. I felt the thickness could have been bit less. Taste however was good.


Next up were Tandoori starters. Attraction of the evening.

Lasooni Murgh Tikka: Marinated with garlic paste, this tikka was delicious. Perfectly cooked chicken was tender and moist. It was melting in mouth.


Peshawari Tangadi Kebab: Another well marinated and juicy kebab.Served with spicy onion salad on the side. Slightly spicy but mostly cream, these kebabs had flavor of cheese, chilly and saffron. You don’t want to miss this one.


Fish Amritsari Tikka: Betki marinated with gram flour, red chili powder, spices and herbs and Tandoor’d. Fish was flavourful and was perfectly cooked.


Sarsonwala Jhinga: King Prawns marinated in mustard and cooked in tandoor. Prawns were fresh, juicy but slightly overcooked. It also could have used more of a mustard flavor. I found this appetizer bit bland.


Murgh Hariyali Tikka: Super soft chicken pieces marinated with mint paste and cooked. Though I am not really a mint flavor fan when it comes to meat, but this one was simply outstanding. A subtle mint flavor which wasn’t overpowering at all, like in most of the cases. Chicken was melting in mouth. Seasoning was perfect. I would highly recommend this appetizer.


Tandoori Lamb Chops: Another star of the evening. Well marinated meaty lamb chops grilled to perfection. Meat was just falling off the bone. I loved the taste.


Mutton Seekh Kebabs: These looked were juicy and appetizing. But were dry from inside. A naan might go well with these. But on its own, this dish failed to appeal due to lack of moisture.


Veg Assorted Tandoori Platter: This had 5 veg appetizers. Veg seekh kebab, achari gobi, bharwan aloo, bharwan kumbh and hariyali paneer tikka. Paneer was super soft. But I liked the Bharwan aloo the most. It was lots of cheese and good flavors.


Mediterranean salad: A huge portion of salad with lots of greens and fruits and sprinkled with cheese. I just had 1 bite. It had slightly lemony dressing. But I am not a salad fan.


Beef Chilli: My all-time favorite here. I always have this when I visit this place. Red meat lover will definitely enjoy this spicy dish.


In mains we tried Stuffed Chicken Breast, Independence Burger, Asian Inspired Pork Sizzler, Tenderloin Bulgogi.

Independence Burger: In-house ground thick tenderloin patty cooked to perfection, retaining the moisture and juices put between fresh burger bun with lettuce, grilled onions, mayo. Portion of house fries and cole slaw was served on side. Simply mazing. If you are a red meat burger fan, you do not want to miss this monstrous and delicious burger.


Asian Inspired Pork Sizzler: Slow cooked pork shoulder cooked with chili and south Asian spices served with Bik Choy and buttered rice. The sauce was a highlight of this dish. Thick and smooth sauce on a perfectly cooked fatty pork meat. Wonderful. I am definitely having this next time I visit here.


Tenderloin Bulgogi: Shredded buffalo meat chargrilled with white sesame, onions, soya and chili served with buttered rice, tossed vegetables and half fried egg. This one had a great visual appeal but was bit dry. I would have loved if this preparation was served on a regular dinner plate instead of sizzler plate as it would have helped to retain the moisture. But meat on its own was tasty.


Stuffed Chicken Breast: Juicy chicken breast stuffed with cheesy herbed-chicken paste served with red wine jus and roasted potatoes and portion of house salad on side. Loved it. Cheesy and creamy main course having crunchy and juicy chicken.


Next up were desserts.

Lemon-orange Tart: An Orange- lemon filled, crispy biscuit crusted tart. Lime ad lemony flavour. All of us liked it.


Apple Pie: Apple with cinnamon and nutmeg baked in short crust pastry served with vanilla ice cream. Another good dessert.


Dark Chocolate Soufflé: This one is their specialty. Simply outstanding. This dark chocolate dessert is infused with rum and served with apportion of vanilla ice cream. The portion is huge. If you already have had a hearty portion of appetizers and mains, I bet you won’t be able to finish one portion on your own. This sinful dessert has a preparation time of 30 minutes and hence it is advisable to order for it along with your mains order. They have also mentioned the same in their menu. Even if you don’t do that, waiting for 30 minutes for this dessert is totally worth it.


Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate:  Nicely set dark chocolate caramel in a tart pastry. I do not really like salted desserts. But for this one I made an exception. I did not like firsts bite of it as I tasted too much salt. But after 2nd bite, I simply loved it. This was my second favorite after Soufflé.


This is a right place to enjoy some unique IBC craft beers along with delicious food with your friends and colleagues. Do check out this place if you haven’t already. And those IBC fans who haven’t checked out their tandoori appetizers, do give it a try. I am sure you will love them.

Plancha, East Street, Camp, Pune

A place run by 6 IHM, Goa graduates. This place is fairly new and situated on East street near Burger, East-End, Camp. If you are in for some delicious continental food, you should definitely try this place. Especially the hand cut pasta they are serving here, you will find it very rarely at any other place in the city.

Recommended Dishes: Malt beer, Crème Du Barry, Asian Inspired Wings, Peri Peri Chicken Burger, Fruitti Di Mare, Roast Chicken

Food and Beverages:

Watermelon Mojito: Beautiful looking drink and was equally refreshing. Lots of ice, mint leaves, lime wedges and cut watermelon with Soda.


Apple-grass iced tea: Iced tea with apple grass flavor.


Malt beer: A non-alcoholic fizzy beverage. But tasted just like beer.


Crème Dubarry: Cauliflower soup doesn’t really sound appetizing. But trust me, this was very good. A thick passed crème soup garnished with golden fried onions. Cream had toned down the cauliflower flavor and made this a delicious soup.


Asian Inspired Wings: Star of the afternoon. Fabulous chicken wings. Wings were tossed in spicy sauce and garnished with sprouts. We all were so impressed with these wings that we could not resist ordering another portion of it. Do not miss this during your visit here.


Loaded Nachos: Homemade nachos kept on spicy crème based sauce and topped with cheese sauce and scallions. Nachos were little spicy and very crispy. Taste was good.


Bhoona Mutton Burger: Mutton kheema spiced up with masala and bhoona gravy, made into a patty and put between a fresh burger bun with mint mayo, pickled onions and cheese. Served with a portion of house fries and homemade ketchup. Burger tasted fine but the patty wasn’t holding together. People who love Indian flavours in their burger will like this one.IMG-8029

Peri Peri Chicken Burger: Nice, thick and juicy chicken patty spiced with peri peri and served with caramelized onions, peri peri mayo and cheese. Again, this burger was served with a portion of house fries and homemade ketchup. Chicken patty was cooked perfectly. Meat had retained its moisture and peri peri mayo helped to keep the bun moist long enough. I simply loved this burger.


Cheese Chili Toast: Unlike usual open-faced toasts, this one had cheese in between the bread. Lot of cheese with chilies in it and then melted. It was cheese and good in taste but I felt the proportion of bread to cheese wasn’t balanced. Lesser bread could have helped this more.


Hand cut Tagliolini in Pesto: A ribbon like pasta in a very rich pesto sauce with no veggies or meat added. They use pine nuts in preparing pesto sauce making it very rich and smooth. Sauce was of coating consistency and pasta was garnished with parmesan cheese. Very simple looking yet flavourful preparation.


Fruitti Di Mare: Hand cut pappardelle in seafood bisque. Another lovely pasta. Broad, flat pasta ribbons tossed in smooth, thick, creamy, highly seasoned seafood soup with chunks of seafood added. Pasta was al dente and sauce, though of coating consistency, was very rich and flavourful. I loved the taste.


Pomfret Racheado: Pomfret stuffed with delicious masala shallow fried and served with steamed rice. Fish on its own was beautiful looking and tasted delicious. Steamed rice did not go well with the fish and could have been avoided. But if you are a fish lover, do not give this one a miss.


Roast Chicken: Chicken roasted to perfection drizzled with jus, garnished with asparagus and served with potato mash on side. Chicken was delicious, especially the crust. Meat was succulent and falling off the bone. Mash was a smooth paste and complimented meat very well. Portion size is also more than enough for one person.


They also have dessert of the day which they keep on changing every day. Do ask for it.

In a nutshell, this is very good place serving some really delicious food. Do check them out.

Rating: 4.5/5

Malaka Spice, Baner, Pune

This place doesn’t need any introduction. This is one of the best places in city, hands-down, when it comes to Pan Asian cuisine.

Foodprowl team was invited for a food tasting here.

Recommended Dishes: Top Hats, Chicken, Thai Mutton Chops, Salt & Pepper Prawns, Malaka Kari Kapitan with Roti Canai


Top Hats, Chicken: Bite sized fried cups filled with chicken, exotic herbs and sprouts. One of their signature dishes. Every time I go there, I do not miss this one. Thin cups with chicken in it taste amazing when topped with their special sambal sauce.


Thai Mutton Chops: Mutton chops soaked in a peppery marinade and grilled. Another amazing appetizer. Tender meat falling off the bone.


Pepper Fish with Garlic: Ribbons of kingfish marinated with black pepper batter fried and tossed with garlic and some chili. Taste was okay but the frying had slightly gone wrong. It was way too crispy than required and wok tossing did not really help moistening it.


Salt & Pepper Prawns: Prawns tossed with lime wedges, pepper and garlic. Well-cooked prawns had a lemony flavor. We could not help but to order another portion of it.


Tangy Green Papaya Salad: Shredded green papaya seasoned with chili and lime and topped with coarsely crushed roasted peanuts. I am not really a fan of papaya. But anything that has peanuts in it, I got to taste it. Salad tasted fine. I would have loved some more seasoning though.


Ayam Goreng Garam Kunyit: Chicken drumsticks sprinkled with salt, turmeric and then deep fried. Chicken was fried to perfection, but was little dry. Little more seasoning, moisture or some sauce on the side might have helped.


Malaka Kari Kapitan: Amazing coconut based malay curry with chicken. This curry was so smooth and rich with favours. I absolutely loved the curry. It tasted amazing with roti canai and also went well with burnt garlic rice.


Roti Canai: Layered malay paratha cooked on a hot griddle. It was luscious and little flaky. Tasted amazing with kari kapitan.


Labour Curry Chicken with Burnt Garlic Rice: Tamarind based flavourful thin curry with hearty amount of chicken and veggies. It went very well with burnt garlic rice tossed in pepper, cilantro and mushroom sauce. I loved the combination.


Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream: Brownie full of walnuts and other dry fruits served with vanilla ice cream on the side.


All in all it was an amazing food tasting event with delicious food that Malaka Spice is known for. We completely enjoyed our afternoon here.

Rating: 4/5



Malaka Spice logo in featured image is taken from Malaka Spice Facebook page.